Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm disappointed that my game didn't really work out. I'd like to say it was through no fault of my own (real life, job stuff started coming up, changing both my and BF's schedules around), but I certainly feel like I should have found the time and energy to continue. On the plus side, we've thrown around the idea of co-GMing a campaign for each other, and agreed the Nentir Vale game would be a great setting for that. When we're ready to run a game from scratch again, we want to start a campaign based on the premise that the Star Spawn invasion fractured reality into alternate shards, thus allowing for two separate PCs in the same area, doing and facing slightly different things. I'm pretty excited about our brainstorming on the topic.

The key phrase is, of course, "when we're ready." Things have settled down somewhat, but we still certainly don't have huge amounts of free time between our jobs, having time to just relax, and spending time with friends and family. However, we still love running each other games and don't want to give up on that. So we're converting some pre-made Pathfinder adventures into Fantasy Craft (because, of course, we can't ever make things simple and straightforward.) BF is doing Council of Thieves, an adventure path about revolutionaries taking down a corrupt, devil-worshipping system in a decaying city. It sounds kind of bad-ass. I'm hoping it's bad-ass. Meanwhile, I'm in the planning phase for running The Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale, a module about having 60 days to boot some baddies out of an area so it can be reopened as a trade route, with ever escalating issues cropping up.

Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck with it! In my experience co-DMed games can be really quite fun and rewarding. Some time back a friend and I collaborated on a homebrew setting, taking turns with adventures and development ideas. There were other players too, and we both had PCs (who were effectively NPCs or altogether absent while we DMed). It worked well. One novelty with that approach is seeing the other DM build an adventure out of a sketchy idea you came up with yourself. Very neat.

    I think that your interest in computer RPGs could be very fruitful for you as a DM. Some purists might disagree, but I've been thinking myself lately that the kind of branching sidequests and minor missions often found in PC rpgs (the Elder Scrolls series- Daggerfall, Morrowind etc, particularly spring to mind) could lend a real depth to a pen & paper campaign. The sense that other people in the setting are simply going on with their own lives, and want jobs done for their own reasons, can really help to make a world feel properly alive. The worst thing is for the player to have the sense that the campaign's events are always centred on them...

  2. As far as purists go: the tabletop community is extremely varied in its interests and philosophies, so I accepted long ago that what's fun/interesting/inspiring for me isn't going to work for everyone else. Diversity is the spice of life and etc.

    Anyway, thank you for the encouraging comment! Your story makes me want to get down to some good ol' fashioned brainstorming. :)